Sand Products

We have been in the sand product business since the beginning. We know sand and sand products better than most any company. We are the leader in value added sand products in the Central Coast. Mining, screening, washing, sizing, drying, you name it, we do it. With our state of the art sand drying and bagging facility in Hollister, we can virtually make ANY product imaginable. From sand blasting sands to well pack, industrial, and playground materials, we have you covered.We offer our products delivered in a number of manors;

  • Bulk delivered in dump truck style equipment
  • Dried and delivered pneumatically
  • Super sacked in 3,000 pound sacks
  • Plastic bagged on 50 pound bags, palletized
  • Paper bagged in both 50 and 100 pound sizes, palletized

Whatever your sand needs are, from backfill to highly specific industrial sands, we can deliver a product that will fill your need.

Don Chapin III, Materials Division Manager


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