Bagged Products

We’ve found the perfect combination of superior products in a manageable size with 50 lbs and 100 lbs bagged products. From blasting sand to SWPPP gravel bags, we’ve got you covered.

Blasting Sands – Our California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified Blasting Sands are mined in Hollister California and are washed, dried and sized for your needs. Our clean and durable blasting sands are available in two sizes: #16 and #30. We carry both gradations in 50 lbs and 100 lbs paper bags.

SWPPP – In order for contractors to comply with most Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), gravel bags and sand bags are a main staple in Best Management Practices (BMP’s). Our gravel and sand bags are made of high density polyethylene fibers woven in a 40×14 pattern. These bags have high durability to punctures and ultra-violet rays. Gravel bags are filled with washed ⅜” Pea Gravel and our Sand Bags are filled with washed sand.

Other Products – We carry a variety of products in 50 lbs plastic bags including

Need more than a few 100 lbs, but not a full truck load? Try our products in a super-sack. These 3,000 lbs capacity bags carry our premium materials in a practical size to any location you need. With convenient 10” cross corner load straps, handling these bags with multiple types of equipment is a breeze. Our super-sacks have a spout bottom with a convenient B-Lock system that allows you to control the flow of material out of the bag, exactly where you want it.

Don Chapin III, Materials Division Manager


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