Concrete Difference

The Don Chapin Company has been in business on the Central Coast for over 40 years and have always been strong supporters of the community. Since day one, we have strived to give back to the community that we call home. The one cause that resonates with almost everyone is Cancer… It’s a terrible disease that has affected so many people, so we’ve decided that we want to make a difference, a concrete difference! 


Pink Ready-Mix Truck

We are excited to present our brand new, brightly colored, pink ready-mix truck to help bring awareness to the cause. We hope the truck will spread awareness of cancer and to help raise money for cancer research. With our commitment to fight against cancer in our community, we are proud to unveil our latest project – Making a #ConcreteDifference

Don Chapin Concrete Difference
Don Chapin Concrete Difference

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 or more in donations from businesses and individuals who are also committed to the fight against cancer. These donations will go to various charities dedicated to finding a cure! Help us make a #ConcreteDifference by taking part and contributing to our cause.

Our Commitment

With our commitment to the fight against cancer in our community, we are proud to unveil our latest project – Making a #ConcreteDifference. Our goal with Making a Concrete Difference is to raise awareness, money  and help the fight for a cure towards cancer. Help us make a concrete difference by taking part and contributing to our cause.

Don Chapin Concrete Difference

Contribution Recognition

The drum of the pink ready-mix truck will be adorned with the logos of businesses who choose to stand with us in our mission against cancer. The drum will also be adorned by names (provided by the donor) of those affected by cancer and will be proudly displayed in their honor or memory. Donate today and help us make a #ConcreteDifference.

Don Chapin Concrete Difference

Make Your Donation Today

Print and fill out the form below and mail it with a valid check to make a donation.

Contact Don Chapin III

Donation Form


Make Check Payable To: 

American Cancer Society
Susan G. Komen
Leukemia & Lymphoma
or preferred cancer research foundation

Mail Check With This Form To:

Don Chapin
560 Crazy Horse Rd
Salinas, CA 93907


Other Ways to Donate



  • Annual donation of $2500
  • Business logo featured in full color stickers on truck, showcasing commitment to the fight against cancer



  • One-time, $100+ donation
  • “In memory of” or “In honor of” sticker for loved one to be emblazoned on truck



  • Businesses and individuals can choose to donate $1 per yard of concrete to Making a Concrete Difference when working with Don Chapin Company.

When you see the truck around town, take a photo/video to post & tag
and @donchapincompany to show your support for our cause.